Triangle of Terror, Ben in a Basket:

Norden and Gordon have produced more than half a dozen conventions over the years. In April this year they will be doing their third PCAM and first CAM with the combined PCAM/CAM 2017. In this issue we review tricks from some of the talent that will be appearing at the convention. Check out this amazing line up at www.PCAM2017.com

Triangle of Terror – by Keith Fields
$45.00 US

Wow, this is so much fun! As I’ve said in the past, I advertise my show as “Magic & Entertainment”, and this falls in the entertainment category, although there is something a bit magical about it.

Like many magic tricks, this depends on science, specifically the science of the centrifugal force.

It’s a wooden triangle attached to a leash. You put a cup of water (or liquid of your choice) in the middle of the triangle and then start the gymnastic show as you whirl the triangle in circles. With a little practice you can start doing some pretty fancy moves around the head, behind your back, whirl side to side. Truly does pack small and play huge, a real attention getter!

The look on the kids faces is priceless when this starts going upside down, whirling around and looking like the cup of liquid is likely to fly out into the audience.

You can even sneak in a science lesson and explain the difference between centrifugal force and centripetal force. When the lesson is mixed in with this much fun they really will learn something.

I give this:

Gordon - 94%

Did we mention PCAM / CAM 2017 is happening April 20-23rd? Shameless Plus is my middle name. So speaking of www.PCAM2017.com – we have the amazing Keith Fields lecturing and performing. Having seen his lecture at KIDabra we really wanted to bring him to Canada! He is one of those performers that is a kids entertainer, but really the whole age group – including adults – are thoroughly amused!

The Triangle of Terror is exactly what you are looking for. That is, if you are looking for something a little different, packs small, plays big – and fills the stage! Priced low, impact high, and is not as hard to learn as one would think. It’s science!

You are supplied with a billiards triangle rack and a dog leash. Oh, and a screw. Yep....

Oh – you get this awesome routine as well. So worth every penny! This is really the coffee cup in a circle, ala Mike Caveney or Louise Foxx or many others. But done in a unique way. You put the drink in the triangle and then spin it around and let the centrifugal force take over. The drink never spills – and you end looking like a wizard! This is a great thing to do to attract attention at a fair or festival. Yes, even school shows – but I would not suggest trying this in a living room for a birthday show...

Again I really like this. I used it for a while and then sold it. Now that Keith is coming to PCAM / CAM (April 20-23 BTW) I will probably buy it again. Sigh. I give this:

Norden - 94%

64209 NRG94s 


Ben in a Basket - Practical Magic
$100.00 US (approx)

As soon as I saw this I knew it was a winner and ordered it immediately. In the past I had used a “rabbit in a hat” puppet but there are others in my market who use that (mainly some guy named Norden the Magician) so this was an excellent replacement that could use many of the same props and premises, but it also came with some new props and an entire routine that could run for up to 10 minutes.

For years it’s been a mainstay in every one of my shows for an audience aged 7 or lower.

For the money you get Ben (or whatever you choose for a name, mine is Dudley), an adorable and well made puppet, who will challenge you for top billing in the show. You also get a well made basket with an opening on the back that is properly woven so it won’t fray or snag, along with a few more props for the routine that comes with it. It comes with a DVD with a performance by Jeremy Le Poidevin that lasts over 10 minutes. You could simply do the routine as Jeremy performs it, he does a wonderful job, but it’s so easy to customize it and make your own routines and bits of business with it. This is fantastic for repeat customers, the children look forward to Dudley but I can surprise them with new material. The DVD also has an explanation by John Kimmons, one of the top family entertainers. The explanation runs about 15 minutes and contains lots of great tips to help you have a smooth routine and to help you be a better performer.

I recently booked a show because the birthday boy saw Dudley at another show and wanted him to come to his birthday party (I’m quite certain he had no idea who I was).

I have to give this:

Gordon - 100%


So, in 3 weeks we are hosting the combined convention PCAM / CAM near Vancouver, BC. (www.PCAM2017.com) One of the performers that we have hired is John Kimmons – aka Kimmo. We have seen him lecture and perform at KAX, but the first thing I saw him do was the demo video for this trick.

I bought the prop immediately. I mean, if I can be as funny as this guy – this trick will change everything for me. I will be famous, funny, good looking...ok – well maybe none of those. And, no the trick did not make me a rich man – BUT I will say that is DID greatly improve my show! If you do a puppet routine in your kids show (and I think you should) then you cannot go wrong by buying this routine. It simply kills.

You get a well made basket with the appropriate hole in the back (no more cliché top hats!) and a dog puppet. This thing is the cutest puppet ever. Gordon uses the puppet ‘Ben’ that comes with this, so I use my rabbit puppet instead. We are in the same markets – otherwise I would use the dog. Just go buy it before someone in your area does and claims it. It’s that good.

It comes with a great routine – plus a hammer, squirting fish, and a ball, plus a tap....you have to watch the vide to understand. So all the props, basket and puppet, for $100.

I really don’t want to talk about it anymore, as then all the other local guys will buy it, and then Gordon and I won’t be the only ones with the best puppet routine around! So if you don’t live in BC – go buy this – NOW. If you live in BC then this product is horrible and you will get cooties if you touch it.

Norden - 96%

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Norden & Gordon have a combined experience of over 35 years, 5000 shows, and 50 international awards for their magic. They are experts in the fields of kids magic and own way to much stuff.


0-25% = Poor product and highly recommend against purchase
26-50% = Fair product. Purchase at own risk
50-75% = Good product. Recommend with conditions
75-85% = Great product. Recommend to purchase.
85-95% = Fantastic – highly recommended!
96-100% = Just buy it. Really.

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