Peek-A-Boo Bunny, Peek-A-Boo Santa, Lucky 7:

Peek-A-Boo Bunny & Peek-A-Boo Santa – by David Kaye (aka Silly Billy)
$225.00 & $247.00 US

I was one of the first people to purchase Peek-a-Boo Bunny and based on my success with that prop I was one of the first to purchase Peek-a-Boo Santa, a very similar prop with a Christmas theme. Peek-a-Boo Bunny is a staple of my shows, in pretty much every show for ages 7 and under. If you like a rambunctious group of children, this is one you should have. This is in spot number 5 of my playlist, the crescendo of ramping things up, and it’s so effective I always have to follow it with a routine that brings things back down under control. It comes with instructions and patter but this is one of those props you can play like jazz, do what works for you and have fun.

Peek-a-Boo Santa is similar, with much of the same actions. Well made to last many years of Christmas shows. Often I’m asked to introduce Santa at the end of my show, so I use this as a closer. We “lose” Santa and I look around asking if anyone knows where he went. Where’s Santa, where’s Santa? Then we can hear the bells jingling and Santa comes in and gets all the attention so I can pack and move on to my next show. I give this:

Gordon - 95%

I had borrowed Gordon’s Peek-A-Boo Bunny a few times. I used in a good 50 library shows a few years back. I have a similar reactionary prop from Fairchild that I use, but I wanted to get the same response with a different prop – and Peek-A-Boo Bunny worked perfect!

I bought the Santa version right when it came out (before Gordon did….he lies a lot folks), and it was the new hit on my holiday shows. Both versions make sense, as much as a magic prop can, by having the bunny in a hat and good old Santa in a chimney. The kids follow your actions as he pops out the top, sides and bottom (that part really is funny as Santa is upside down!).
You can do the trick ad nauseam, so you have to judge each audience as how far you push it. It’s very versatile in this way and I enjoy performing the effect – which is more important than most realize. The props are very well made and use durable materials. The mechanism with each version is ingenious in its simplicity and they should last you a very long time.

The price might seem steep, but there is no way I can make my own of this quality for that price – so I am more than happy to send David some money for a well thought out design, script, graphics and all around great prop. If you are looking to at a solid 5-8 minutes in your show then I highly recommend each version. I give it:

Norden - 97%


64209 NRG96s 


Lucky 7 – by Wonder Imagery

Looking for bang for the buck? Do you like props and routines that can be used in different shows? Packs small and plays big? Then Lucky 7 is something you should have. There are 3 different DVD’s you can purchase, and you can purchase them with the envelopes required for the routine or you can make your own. I highly recommend just purchasing it with the envelopes. I have two of the DVD’s and each DVD has seven routines with all the patter you need to get started right away, and with tons of freedom to come up with your own.

The envelopes from Wonder Imagery are very good quality, if you take care of them they’ll last for many years. The graphics are good and fairly modern (in one routine there’s a graphic of a CRT television, with the proliferation of thin screen televisions maybe kids these days aren’t familiar with it?)

One of my DVDs comes with full routines themed for Magic, Circus, Reading, Fire Safety, Christmas, Easter and Halloween. To me it’s the same trick and the same handling, to the audience it’s a trick customized to the theme of their show, and great for repeat customers. I give it:

Gordon – 96%

You get the special envelopes. A DVD with 7 routines and all the artwork. You can do this at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Gospel shows – you can customize it as well. I don’t know of a simpler trick that looks like magic, plays big and packs small, and is this good for the dollar value.

I don’t do a lot of gospel shows, but when I am asked to add a message in the show then this trick is perfect. For Christmas it is always a hit. Have I mentioned how easy it is to perform? And the versatility? And the beautiful graphics?

Now, when you watch the video it might look like the routine is a little slow and boring. Don’t panic – that’s just Tim. (Gordon zinged Barry last month so I get to take a shot at Tim this month). I do have a different style and a higher energy show than storytelling Tim. So, I usually bet a prize that I will win, and that there is no way they can guess the right one. This usually gives incentive for the audience to chant the volunteers name – oh, wait…I encourage them…ok, I tell them to do it. This makes it more my style and it can play a lot differently than the example video.

Gordon just did a custom version for himself today as we write the column, so now I have to go make one that is better than his. Since I am horrible at graphics and Photoshop, I will just ask him to make it for me. That’s what best buds are for! Oh, and Gordon was in the hospital this week and was on morphine. I mention that because it’s the only reason I can think to give this product only a 96. My rating is:

Norden – 98%

 64209 NRG97s


Norden & Gordon have a combined experience of over 35 years, 5000 shows, and 50 international awards for their magic. They are experts in the fields of kids magic and own way to much stuff.


0-25% = Poor product and highly recommend against purchase
26-50% = Fair product. Purchase at own risk
50-75% = Good product. Recommend with conditions
75-85% = Great product. Recommend to purchase.
85-95% = Fantastic – highly recommended!
96-100% = Just buy it. Really.

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